The Nigerian by Eric Reese

An African Spy Thriller

A criminal who thinks he’s untouchable...

Debare Balogun is a conman who has been getting away with it for years, flying under the radar of the Nigerian authorities and creaming off a small fortune for himself in the process. Or at least that’s what he thought.

An offer he cannot refuse.

Now British MI6 have enough evidence that will put him behind bars for a long time. And with the promise of the notorious Kirikiri prison awaiting him, he knows that he has no choice but to help them.

A daring mission in a country that will show him no mercy.

In the Russian capital, Moscow, the world's largest diamond heist has delivered a huge fortune into the bottomless pockets of the KGB, Federal Assembly and the Russian Mafia. Debare’s job is to somehow infiltrate and expose it.

A woman more dangerous than any plot.

At the centre of the mystery, Debare discovers a woman who is a self-made billionaire and head of a human trafficking operation. And despite the obvious dangers, he is drawn to her like a moth to the flame.

But what is her motive for seducing him? And will she dispose of him when is no further use?

Debare will need all his conman tricks if he is to survive long enough to work out who is pulling the strings in a conspiracy that goes much deeper than he ever thought.

Nigeria meets Britain and Russia in this spy adventure!

Debare Balogun is in the heist of his life and it's not on his terms. He must break up a Russian network of criminals who have the world's most expensive diamond. Coerced by MI6, this African man is on the mission of his life.

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