The Last One to Murder by Eric Reese

A Vietnam Murder Mystery

As Confucius said, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

The Vietnam War may be over, but the trial has only begun...

NAM has ended, at last, leaving both sides to question what they'd been fighting for. No one has won at all, and fears remain, like so many landmines: shock, sadness, and secrets.

Some of the homecoming 'heroes' have committed crimes against humanity...but now they wear medals, not handcuffs. Camouflaged by anarchy, these malicious acts appear to be safely buried...but the truth, itself, is ever-explosive. One wrong step--or the right one.

Having lost his entire family to a unit of seven decorated Marines, Xuan Lang is only beginning to pick up the pieces. Gathering them won't be easy and nothing can bring back what was taken...but, even so, the old man's efforts may afford him final peace.

The Code of Honor neglected afar, is known to haunt a criminal faction. Native soil means nothing...

With resolve, Eric Reese has written a chilling serial killer mystery that forces the reader to question far more than 'whodunnit'.

How...? Why...? For whom...?

The consequence of travesty is full of dark equations that require enlightened minds.

An Asian Man heartbroken to no return..

Xuan Lang is a man destroyed by the actions of a group of American soldiers. The only way to give him peace; swift justice.

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