The History of Hip Hop - Book One by Eric Reese.

The History of Hip Hop (Book 1)

For Hip Hop Art, Truth & Pulse of America

Get over your cultural shock of hip hop. It's the way of life defining young America today!
Welcome to the Hip Hop 101: The Truth of Art and Pulse of America

This cultural brilliance of sound presents a voice and unique mindset through the rough streets of America's largest conurbations going as far back as the 1920s. Sprung from the spirits of poverty and self awareness, this inner city nostalgia quickly uncovered an amazing bunch of young fresh black American forces of nature eager; set out to express their unique personal street accounts and contribute to a spirited new style of soul of Black Americana across major cities in the United States.

Hip Hop has reached the doorsteps of everywhere. To picture it, I tell you its legacy in a number of themes; all pointing to a surreal social evolution. Themes such as:

  • Differentiating what is Rap and what is Hip Hop 
  • The earliest music styles which greatly influenced its existence 
  • Hip Hop culture
  • The role of underground Hip Hop being its leading force 
  • The merits of cultural theory and popular culture in rap music
  • Greatest benchmarks by year
  • Genres of Hip Hop thoroughly explained 
  • And much more...

As this music legacy continues to expand, know for sure it's here to stay.

The book gives its reader the true-in depth insights of an indisputable force of street legends who despite the fact had everything going against them, keep producing incredible works and timeless classics for age.

Hip Hop Lives On!

The most complete book on Hip Hop History including all genres and movements worldwide!

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