The Boy Toys of Paris: A Novel by Eric Reese

The Boy Toys of Paris: A Novel

Even in fashion, sex and human trafficking exist!

To strut out of line in the modeling industry is hazardous, and millionaires get what they want or do they...

A young man's life in Cameroon left behind, Abbasi Ademoli hits the Paris modeling scene with high hopes. Intelligent and picturesque, he's hell bent on becoming the latest African model sensation. His aim: to conquer the catwalk.

But nothing is as it appears. All too soon, what begins as a fantasy turns into a waking nightmare. Abbasi finds himself trapped in a lurid world of millionaire women predators. Human-trafficking and sex slavery extend to the highest, most perilous places--a detail black as the punishment dealt to those who dare speak up.    

Unwilling to sell his soul through silence, one young man will challenge a monster. Should he fail to first expose it...untold horrors await.

A twisted tale.

A timeless truth. 
A sex trafficking thriller at its best. 

Eric Reese has done it again. A wordsmith and a sleuth, himself, he tackles heavy subjects with a lightness rarely seen.

Sex Trafficking is rampant in the Modeling Industry!

A nonstop sex trafficking thriller that delves into the dark world of risque and fashion modeling. 

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