House Rules: Dance with Me - a House Music History book by Eric Reese

House Rules

Dance with Me!

House Music was born in urban America and by far, it's the most popular music genre. Why is that?

For many who are familiar with urban American dance culture, House is a name that's synonymous with a deep passion. Its underground roots were discovered in 1977 as an extension of the dance hall culture from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. As a result of its popularity and unique underground attraction, it spread like wildfire in the nightclubs of Chicago, New York, Philly, DC and throughout urban America. Nowadays, every music segment for every occasion has house music in its background. Why is that?

Well, House Music has done the following:

  • Raised the stature of DJs in urban communities and exposed their music talents
  • Gave a hand in bringing together LGBT communities 
  • Came as a fresh breath of air for music lovers of African, Latino and Caribbean dance styles
  • Opened the doors for global underground music artists to have their works heard via nightclubs and other venues
  • Global recognition for underground vocal and music artists
  • Made sub and counter culture appealing to the masses
  • Changed the fashion world by using elements of social awareness

House Rules: Dance with Me is an inspiring journey into this historical music movement paying homage to its originators; Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, LLRoy, Phuture, and Larry Heard. This book uncovers every moment of house music and EDM history going back to the beginnings.

The music history of House Music grew so rapidly that it brought in a variety of legendary music artists from different genres such as Kym Mazelle, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cece Peniston, The Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, Chrystal Waters and many more.

For those who cherish the history of house music and electronic dance music, adding this book to your collection is a no-brainer.

House Music Rules!

Many haven't a clue about the House genre and this book quells the notion that EDM is  actually House.

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