Homegirl Ain't Gonna Make It (Books 1-2) by Eric Reese

Homegirl Ain't Gonna Make It

A Muslim Coming of Age Story

Book 1:

After a first day on the job in Boston, Gabrielle's being charged with murder. So what happened?

Gabrielle Muhammad comes from a family of four, growing up in a middle-class Black neighborhood in New York City. She finished her college degree at an Ivy League university and now is looking to start paying off those college debts. A promising job offer came through but two-hundred miles away in Boston and this young adult is willing to take anything that will jumpstart her career.

A blessing in disguise or is it...

The white privilege at her new workplace is testing her patience and homegirl may have to nip it in the bud for good by the time the day's over.

Book 2:

Gabrielle is back home but trouble still seems to find her wherever...

Fresh off her ordeal in Boston, Gabbie comes home finding her parents have divorced and sister, Khadi is becoming a young teenage horror. A new guy, Maleek, Ummi's co-worker is trying too hard to be in with her family, quickly adding to the urban nostalgia.

Gabrielle's friends could be a source of help but their childish behavior at a local mall will turn into an unbelievable adventure of suspense and drama with the Italians no one expected.

Perfect for coming of age readers, this fun-loving action in this episode of Homegirl Ain't Gonna Make It doesn't fail to deliver.

We all go through some things!

The Homegirl Ain't Gonna Make It Series expounds on one African American Muslim girl's journey of surviving in America. You'll find her saga interesting and down to earth!

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